“We have had Matt perform and speak at several of our events throughout the years.  It’s always a pleasure working with him and listenting to him interact with the crowd. Matt’s interaction and enthusiasm alwasys has the crowd excited and wanting more.  We get customers often asking when we will have Matt back because they want to bring others to hear his story.  Can’t wait to work with him again.”  -Brian- Eastern Panhandle Bicycle Co.G

“A consummate professional, Matt always over delivers, and knows how to keep a crowd on their toes with his positive energy and real life experiences.”

“If you get a chance to see Matt in person, you’ll be glued to the edge of your seat.  If you are looking for a fantastic promotion that includes a great message, Matt is a great resource.  Everyone comes away smiling just a little bit more than when they arrived.  I highly recommend Matt to make your next occasion super special.”  -Scott Westcoat, ASG Events/The HUB Bicycle Shop

“Matt came and spoke at my agency’s training for our Christmas Holiday party.  I knew nothing regarding Tirals bikes or what it meant to be a blind Trials rider.  His story of how his passion was biking and working in bike shops all his life and then learning how to overcome the opposition of not being able to continue to ride just because he was going blind was motivating to say the least.  The opposition he faced and his persistence through the hardest time in his life was encouraging to our team.  He helps everyone no matter what your passion is or what field you work in, that with persistence and heart, you can achieve any goal you set.  I thoroughly enjoyed Matt’s testimonial and encourage groups to hear his story to bring that passion and drive we once had as kids to never give up alive again!”  -Amber Alguire, Agency OwnerT

“Matt makes me feel like I can do anything in the whole wide world.”  -Robin Churney, Recreation &Parks Department

“Matt is a good messenger of a great message!  Those facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles can persevere and succeed.  Having worked and ridden bikes with Matt, it is incredible to see how he has overcome the loss of his sight.  Matt is a loving husband and father; a successful professional.  He shows how successful you can be when you are not defeated by daunting challenges.”  -Josh, BBW

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Matt for over a decade now.  In that time I have worked side by side with him in a retail environment and have also hired Matt to give demo performances for my own business in the last few years. You won’t find a more dedicated, passionate, and determined human being than Matt Gilman.  He is focused, meticulous, and detail oriented; all the while being very graceful and kind to everyone he has contact with.”

“Matt weaves his personal experiences, struggles and successes into a cohesive package along with his physical abilities and mastery of the techniques and skills associated with the art of Trials.  You won’t find a more compelling story or a more talented and inspiring storyteller, to appear at your event.”

“Hire this guy!  You’ll be very satisfied that you did.”  -Johnny May, Full Sweet Cycling

“I first met Matt Gilman in 2001.  He was a young bike mechanic and sometime competitor making his way.  Matt had full use of his eyesight but as a young man like most of us, maybe not full use of his vision.  I worked on and off with Matt in a local bike shop for a few years and in that time I saw his eyesight deteriorate.  Watching his struggle, the gradual but still swift decline and multiple surgeries was difficult.  What wasn’t was his resignation to keep trying but it wasn’t just that.  It was also that Matt was able to try new things not related to his impending loss all while learning about his likely outcome and need to study new pathways toward remaining independent.  I moved on and started the first of several businesses. It was soon before the opening of my first retail outlet that I learned that Matt had taken up “trials” riding. We were having our grand opening and I booked Matt to come and perform his new show.  Trials involves a series of acrobatic moves all while riding a bike. Things like big drops to navigating a series of obstacles that most sighted athletes wouldn’t even attempt. To this day, I still don’t know how he does it.  Matt is professional.  Matt is engaging and he set the tone for a great event.  His response to adults and escevially children alike was thoughtful and honest.  Having Matt show our customers what he could accomplish, definitely got the crowd going and pushed our day up a notch.”


“ Seeing this next chapter for Matt just seems like a logical progression.  Matt’s eyesight may be gone but his vision is clear.”  -Kris Auer